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Privacy Policy

Who we are

Rommed B.V. in Hilversum Netherlands controls the contents of the website and of the RomRom Health Navigation System

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What personal data we collect and why we collect it


Cookies are used for data tracking and statistics. These cookies will last for one year.


Rommed BV carries out the technical management, feedback, and support of the RomRom system. Rommed BV is committed to optimal human health and attaches great importance to privacy. The rules of the “General Data Regulation" (GDPR) are strictly enforced:

These privacy regulations clearly explain what the user can expect.
The use of your personal data is described below. For any other use, your permission is first requested.
Rommed BV never shares your data, unless required by Dutch or European law.
The system administrator of Rommed BV has access to all data and therefore has a duty of confidentiality.
A number of data about the user are recorded, only for communication, to enable individual use and to provide contributions in the system with an author name (= your profile name):

Login name: this is only used for the login (preferably no personal data).
PIN code: This can only be determined by the user, changed and kept secret for secure login.
Profile Name: This is a public name used to co-sign contributions so that it is clear who is the author of a text, module, or guideline. This name cannot be changed, choose a good (nick) name/abbreviation for yourself (preferably no personal data). This name remains in the system, even after deleting a user.
Email address: This is used as an identification with a check mail. The email is also required for PIN code recovery. Only if the user wishes, Rommed occasionally sends a newsletter, from which the user can unsubscribe. Users are asked to reconfirm when they change their email address and every few months.
Personnel numbers can be added by a publisher in the administrator part of the Modular-Navigator as a reference. An employee number may not be traceable to a person outside the publisher’s organization. This administrator part is therefore only accessible to the publisher of a channel and the system administrator of Rommed BV.

Safety and retaining data

Rommed BV takes appropriate security measures to limit the misuse of your personal data. Only the strictly necessary persons within the Rommed organization have access to personal data. This access is protected and all our security measures are regularly checked.

When you submit a request for inspection and/or removal to us, we will ensure that your request is processed within 4 weeks. A login name and profile name cannot be changed (for technical reasons) and we recommend that you do not use personal data for this. If we are unable to process it within this period, we will notify you. For requests or questions regarding this privacy statement, you can contact us via the contact form.


Rommed BV is not responsible for the content of the RomRom system. The authors are personally responsible for the content and therefore retain the copyright: contributions are permanently provided with copyright names. There is no guarantee that information is medically sound, complete, accurate, most recent, or applicable. Not Rommed BV, but users are responsible for the use and application of the RomRom Health Navigation System and its content. Rommed BV is not liable for the negative consequences of use or dependence on the RomRom system and/or its content.

Authors retain authorship on their contributions. Only channel owners may share and/or resell content. The proceeds from the sale of contributions after payment of the costs are for the owner of a channel unless explicitly agreed in advance with the author(s).

Industry Disclosure Obligations

Dutch Data Protection Authority

Under the privacy legislation, you have the right to file a complaint with the privacy regulator, the Dutch Data Protection Authority: “Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens". 

Entry into force

The substantive regulations have been adopted by Rommed BV (Chamber of Commerce 24327299) and entered into force on March 30, 2020.

This privacy statement came into effect on March 30, 2020, under the responsibility of Rommed B.V. (Chamber of Commerce 72252588)

Rommed BV reserves the right to make changes to its privacy statement. Changes will be published on their website.